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The S Word Project....

"In 2013 some teens that I know asked me to start hosting meetings that talked with them about sex. They said there wasn't anything available to them that would just hear them out and help them explore their options without condemning or judging their considerations. I thought to myself, huh, that would have been useful for me too when I was 17 and considering having sex for the first time; I probably wouldn't have ended up pregnant if I had a safe person or place to go to talk it out. And the abortion I ended up having wouldn't have devastated me as much as it did if I had some emotional support. That's the back story of The S Word Project. I am just trying to do what I can to set teens up to win in life and offer grace and a safe place for them to make the best choices possible. Teens that hang out with us will have greater self-esteem, stronger communication skills, and end up in healthier relationships then they ordinarily would without us. Imagine a world full of people comprehensively educated about sex and satisfied with the choices they made about sex. It's not a silver bullet to solve the world's problems but I believe it's a major contributing factor. Check it out. Get involved.

Send your teens. Donate money. Spread the word.

Thank you for your support" - The Founder

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