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Is for teens to have a powerful relationship to their sexuality and as a result have a better than expected quality of life in the areas of romance, family, mental and physical health, education, career and community.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 48.6% of teen boys & girls between the ages of 14 & 19 are sexually active & of that group nearly a quarter have had more than one partner. 



About Us

Is to get teens around the world talking about relationships and sex in a supportive environment while developing critical thinking and communications skills that will set them up to win in life. 

  • Conferences

  • Workshop Series

  • After-School Programs

  • Talk Show

  • Social Media

  • Mentoring



FOR TEENS - Guidelines Participation

1) We neither encourage nor discourage sexual activity. You will be presented with stories of real life people, case studies, data, resources and information to help you create a powerful relationship to your own sexuality. Through your participation in The S Word Project you will be able to confidently MAKE the best CHOICES for you, your family and community. 


2) We are not a religious organization but we recognize that spirituality is directly related to sex therefore many presenters and speakers may make references to their spiritual sources, experiences and practices. We are in no way intending to influence your spirituality, but we encourage you to LISTEN from an unconditionally loving and tolerant place. 


3) In creating a safe space for teens to talk about sex we will encourage the development of both critical thinking skills and full self expression. You will experience lectures, interactive activities and sharing from fellow participants. Please PARTICIPATE & be respectful of everyone's contribution. Although we hope you will tell others about the program it is important to keep the identities of those who share confidential, and to be non-judgmental about the past decisions, current considerations or future possibilities that are disclosed in the space.


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